Not only Music :

• AUDIO-VIDEO AND LIGHTING SERVICES: the whole technical part needed to realize your event

• SCENOGRAPHIC SETS: we cooperate with experts to accomplish our mission, which is anticipate and realize our guests desires, thanks to a series of proposals specifically tailored to them. As every event is unique to us, we ensure that each element represents our guest, whether is the event a wedding party, a gala dinner or a business convention.

• CONCEPT PROPOSAL: for those who want a theme for their event, we are able, after an accurate study of our guest, to suggest creative solutions: we will tell your story using a combination of styles, emotions and a pinch od dreaminess.

• CD/USB GADGETS containing Smoma music performed during the event. Elegant and exclusive solutions for personalizing your gifts*. We will include a card with your personalised messages.

* Solutions depend on quantities, deadlines and details of your request

We reply to your requests in 48 hours

Audi, Grand Hotel Des Bains, Riccione, Smoma

Abitazione privata, private residence

Corporate event, Blastness, Embassy Club, Rimini

Embassy Club, Rimini

Excess Venice Hotel

Interno palazzo, Interior palace, Padova

Belmond Villa San Michele, Fiesole

Castello San Sebastiano da Po, Smoma for Italian Eye

GRAND HOTEL, RIMINI - Batani Select Hotel