Why choosing Smoma as soundtrack for your most beautiful day?
Because our ability to entertain make the bride and groom protagonists of that day, and our professionalism guarantee not only the choice of the right music selection, but also a complete management of the party,from technical and logistical support to the interaction with other suppliers.
With elegance and rhythm, Smoma quartet transforms your event into an overwhelming music explosion!
A trumpet, a sax, a guitar and a colorful female voice give new life to the hits that have made international music history.
Since 2000 Smoma has become the soundtrack of the most exclusive parties all around the world.

The music choice goes from jazz to swing, from italian songs to reggae, from latin rhythms and dance to soul and funky, where every song is rearranged in an original way to enjoy the guests’ ears with spirit of freedom and elegance.

The attention to detail also concerns clothing, with respect for the etiquette, but with the same originality granted to music interpretation.

To be sure that your guests may remember your party, Smoma has created an unexpected accessory for your wedding day: an elegant CD case, The Perfect Wedding Party, that can be customized as party favor, wedding announcement card or thanks gift after the reception.

roberto masi photographer